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Theme and Conversations
for orchestra

instrumentation: 2222 / 2230 / timp+2perc / celeste / strings 

   duration: 10:00          

" .... Theme and Conversations of Orchestra, by Christopher Donison, ... fine writing, expressively played, for horn and strings ....."

The Kingston Whig Standard

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About the Piece

This piece was a response to the often articulated concern in the United States that I heard, (while studying composition there), that America had not found its own voice in music and that they were very much in the shadow of the European masters --and that all the major orchestras seemed to be conducted by Europeans etc. It seemed totally untrue to me and that voice seemed to me as, a non-American, to be very clear. It also sounded reminiscent of the so-called Canadian inferiority complex we so often here about in this country. One would have never thought......


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Click the picture to see a full version


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