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duration: 30.00 min

"..... In one final moment, the two generations posed in a wash of white light with arms reaching for heaven ....."

Victoria Times Colonist. March 3, 1997

instrumentation: 2222 / 4231 / timp+2perc / hrp / narrator / strgs

Born out of a collaboration between Veronica Tennant and the composer, this piece for orchestra, narrator, and young dancer, has enjoyed much success and many performances. It is the telling of Hans Christian AndersonŐs tale The Little Match Girl in six parts:    for string quartet

Part I: The Streets
Part II: ... and the Rain Dripped
Part III: The Stove
Part IV: The Goose
Part V: The Christmas Tree
Part VI: The Grandmother

    I   The Streets

    II  .. and the Rain Dripped

    III   The Stove

    IV   The Goose

    V   The Christmas Tree

    VI   The Grandmother

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