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Christopher Donison is a Canadian composer, and has composed choral, chamber, and orchestral works, and written more than a dozen scores for plays. His concert works include Symphony Erotica, 7 Encounters for Soprano and Flute, the award winning Symphonic Choral Prophecy, Theme and Conversations for Orchestra, and The Little Match Girl for Orchestra, Narrator, and Dancer, choreographed adapted and narrated by Veronica Tennant, two string quartets, The Rashomon Quartet, and The Seagull Quartet for string quartet and distant oboe, and Music-by-the-Sea, quintet for clarinet and string quartet.. He has written one opera Eyes On The Mountain, based on the fictional stories of Jack Hodgins.

This composer's thoughts on music composition

My music is a firm commitment to my own approach to the creative process in which I am as interested in the process as much as the result. In my view, the frontier of theoretical work is epistemological in nature and challenges some of the core assumptions that we have traditionally made in evaluating new music and much of modern thought. Whereas Originality is entrenched as that which confers lasting recognition and value, my view is that a more important and lasting measurement is Enlightenment of Purpose, and that originality must be the result, not the goal of the creative process. That originality as a goal has been elevated so high in our time makes it all the more difficult to ignore, but if one can, both Reason and Intuition can become equal partners in the creative process, allowing enlightenment of purpose to flourish.

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